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About us

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OGAWA is a Malaysian health and wellness brand established in 1996. Since our establishment, we have expanded to a worldwide brand well known for our revolutionary products. OGAWA has a wide distribution network of more than 800 retail outlets and counters in more than 25 countries across the globe.

 OGAWA is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology, design, and development of our world class massage chairs and massage products. It is our goal, to promote a healthy lifestyle though our high-quality products, created for your well-being. Because of our well-known quality, we are now a worldwide brand, that aims to further wellness to all.

OGAWA has the largest research team of any leading massage chair manufacturer. We believe in our products and we are able to have this belief due to the extensive research and scientific innovation that goes into production.


Oakdale is the official distributor of Ogawa products in the UK. Since the company’s inception in 2002 we have been fortunate in rising to be the number one massage chair distributor in the UK. Boasting the largest distribution and servicing network in the UK.

Oakdale offer only the finest and highest quality massage chair options in the UK, and Ireland. We search the world for the very best that the massage chair industry can offer. Our massage chairs are selected in a careful, rational effort to verify the integrity of the brands and the specific models that we choose to promote. We vigorously test all models that we sell to make sure they meet our rigorous criteria on quality, benefit, and durability.

Oakdale represents massage chairs of an exceptionally high quality when compared to other models or brands on the market.


Together we are Ogawa UK

Our Mission

Our brand - as a global wellness leader

Our customers - our reason for being

  Our people - our best asset

Our partners - our extended family

To be the most admired organization