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Features and Standards

A massage chair is in its simplest explanation, a chair with one or more motors, as well as a rail system with massage rollers on.

The purpose of a massage chair is to get a massage in the comfort of your own home or office. Massage chairs aim to relieve tension, sore muscles, and can help to provide well-being in the form of less stress and enable you to live a healthy life without irritations, soreness or pain.

With a massage chair in your home, you can remedy some of the problems that can contribute to deteriorating well-being in your everyday life. If you suffer from back problems, pain, headaches, poor blood circulation or other issues, a massage chair can help alleviate these problems. There are many who regularly use a massage chair or massage products who feel they get better quality of life and less pain.

At OGAWA UK, your health and happiness is our highest priority. That’s why we only have massage chairs and massagers of the highest quality that can make a difference for you.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a certificate given to products and companies that achieve a very high standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization:

a) Demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and

b) Enhances customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality control, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001 is regulated by an outside body, this means to achieve an ISO 9001 certificate, your product and service must meet the standards of the ISO regulating body.


Made in

Many companys use missleading and devious tactics to make customers believe a product is made in or produced in a country that has a higher track record of quality.

The most common in massage chairs is the use of a made in Japan label. Japanese law does not require a country of origin sticker for a product to clear customs, only when you sell to customers. This means you can send an almost finished product, electronic parts and machine parts, to japan then finish assembly in a japanese factory, after which the product will be given a japanese country of origin sticker. This has become quite common practice with many chinese companies manufacturing cheap electronics and sending them to Japan to receive a Japanese label.

Always ask where the electronics are produced when looking to purchase a massage chair, and if youre still not sure, ask what factory they are produced in. All circuit boards have details that tell you where they are produced.


Different types of rollers

  • 2D rollers can perform an up and down motion on your back, they cannot change speed or intensity.
  • 3D rollers can perform an up and down motion on your back, while also being able to adjust speed and strength.
  • 4D rollers can do all of the above, however they also allow for the rollers to push out and away from the track. This means where other rollers travel along the X and Y axis a 4D roller can also move along the Z axis.

The easiest way to describe the axis is to visualise yourself moving. While standing, if you were to jump you would travel along the Y Axis up/down. If you were to move left or right a few steps you would be travelling along the X axis left/right. If you were to walk forward, you would be travelling on the Z axis forward/backward.

Different types of tracks

    Their are three major types of massage track in massage chairs all of which are described below.
    • L-track's follow your spine in a straight line and then cover the bottom of your glutes at the end, much like and L shape.
    • S-track's follow your spines curves, this kind of track has subtle curves built into it to better match a spine. The track resembles an S.
    • J-track's combine the best of an L-track and a S-track, it follows your spines curves and also covers the bottom of your glutes. It slightly resmbles a J if the straight part of the J was an S.

     Heat massage

    • Infrared heat filaments generally go through the entire back of the chair.
    • Heated rollers apply heat directly to where you are being massaged.

    There may be slightly divided opinions about what is best, infrared heat ensures that your entire back is heated, whereas the heat in the rollers applies the heat directly to where you are being massaged.

    The heat can in all cases help to give you a better massage. The heat has the effect that your body and muscles become more receptive to the massage, and can also have a soothing effect.

     Zero gravity

    • Zero gravity is a form of posture control some massage chairs use, it will take you back into a similar position an astronaut is sat in at take off.
    • Full recline is as close to lying flat as a massage chair can achieve while still providing its full massage.

    Zero gravity position was designed by Nasa to ensure that there is minimal stress exerted against the body from gravity. In addition, the leveling of the limbs above the heart level aids in improving blood circulation through the entire body.